Sunday, August 23, 2009

Times like these

I love sport. There is no secret there and most people who know me are well aware of that fact. I watched Wimbledon, follow Lewis Hamilton, support Manchester United, love the All Blacks and I just watched as England (who I was supporting) celebrated winning The Ashes Series. Big range huh? Unfortunately for me, sporting season last year was cut short by injury. Thus I was only able to play a few months of basketball and then watch from the sidelines, in my final high school year, as rugby was played. I wasn't allowed to play - doctor's orders. That's what tearing a tendon in your knee and still playing high level sport gets you! No regrets though!

Then 2009 arrived. Comeback year for Jamaine Chiwaye was on the cards. Bloody hell, it is very hard launching a comeback. To be honest there were a few times when I gave up, only to wake up the morning after hating myself. One of my greatest fears is looking back at what I've done (or haven't done) and wonder "what if?". by doing that, I will be accepting the fact that I didn't do myself justice and there was the possibility, however slim, of something great happening only for me to be afraid of the path to it. Greatness or whatever I could be aiming for is not guaranteed, but the fact that I did get up and run up that hill towards it ensures my raging conscience will be satisfied in knowing, beyond all reasonable doubt, that I tried to get there.

Now, looking back it is easy to say I'm glad I made an effort. I'm far from where I want to ultimately be, but I'm too far in to give up. Therefore I keep going. 'It's times like this that you learn to live again.' I now know that there is never a time I should shy away, failure will happen and it will definitely come. However, it is not an option for it is an occurrence that happened after all was tried and given towards success. Times like these call for character and heart. I believe in living life with no regrets. No "what ifs". It is too painful to think of what could have been. I will therefore walk up to that girl and say I like her, I will run up the hill no matter how hard it hurts. Just for the simple fact that I can, I should and I shall. No regrets... NEVER!!!

Top track: Times like these by Foo Fighters

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