Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I wish you knew

So I don't have a great deal of content on offer for this week. Rather, decided I would just post up a poem of mine and I do really think it will suffice. Hope you enjoy it and it makes you think.

I wish you knew

How could you have made this any different?
A way to pull me from this torturous lament
How could you have told me my tears were wrong?
Find a chord to change my sad and defeated song.

It could have been easier if I told you face to face
Then I would be promptly engulfed by your embrace
What if by seeing me, my eyes gave away too much
For you to then question why you care as such

I told you of façades and how false they may be
But without it you will see the broken and destroyed me
You begged and begged me to give up my heavy load
To open my locked heart, to break the code

Perhaps you were right, it is easier to tell
By doing so the looming waves would quell
Someday I will open and speak of my burdens in queue
But until that day I just wish you knew

*To all those who are ‘fine’, ‘great’, or just ‘ok’. The façade is always there to save, but the one to save you may be fooled by your façade.

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