Monday, September 21, 2009

Can You Help Me Find Me

Good day. I wonder if you could help me, kind sir
I am in search of a man whose name is erased and face a blur
His whereabouts unknown, his past now totally forgotten
A memory in all not easily begotten

He lived in peace, showed all care
To them who needed, he had love to share
That was, sir, before it all came down
Before fate brutally robbed his joyful crown

Now, it seems, he is gone to a land unknown
A place where a hint of a smile is seldom shown
He is alone, although the room may be full
Distanced from laugh, happiness has lost its pull

Yet, dear sir, for this man I do bring light
His day has come to bring an end to the long night
Thank you, sir, for you helped me to find me
And gave me eyes which with the old land do I see