Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Beginning

And so with a flurry of keyboard typing and searing red eyes Jamaine Chiwaye has officially joined the blogosphere or what ever jargon term there is as a collective for people who blog. Nevertheless, this is my blog, where I can write what I like and I get the opportunity to irritate more people than I do with my voice.

Topically, this blog will not claim to be the next best thing before Jeremy Clarkson but it will come damn close. Besides, I like Clarkson, if you don't it would be best advised to stop reading this blog now and waste your grey matter watching Fifth Gear.

I will try my best not to go on typing rants on this glorious blog, but I must warn you that if there is a topic that I feel so passionate or enraged by, I might just do that. These will include times of irritating and idiotic people in power, irritating people with no power, and anything so revolting that I just have to point out to the world (or my readers) that this is what I detest and will more or less urge you to follow suite.

Besides all the reading, there might be much else on this blog. There will be no links to sites showing 'cute' cats with grammatical issues and there sure as hell will not be links to a site profiling some new rap song. If you are looking for a blog that will profile or discuss some horribly constructed 'song' by a flavour of the week you are in the wrong place for the two reasons that A: I do not listen to rap, hip-hop or R & B unless the lyrical content is worth more than 3 minutes of concentration and B:I have an IQ that will be horrifically misused if I listened to guns, drugs and hoes.

That all being said, I earnestly hope you enjoy reading my posts in the future. The consistency of these posts will depend on whether the times clash with the next big party though!


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